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Peter Pan
"No one else in the cast offers so compelling a portrayal that Rigby is at risk of being upstaged--except perhaps by Steven Petrillo as an endearing, wiggly Nana and a wonderfully slithery Crododile."

Peter Pan
"Special note should be made of Steven Petrillo's most unusual but very effective performance as both Nana, the large Saint Bernard dog who is the Darling children's fussy and caring nanny, and as the vindictive, ticking crocodile. He is also fine in a couple of lesser roles. He certainly has to be extraordinarily supple and limber for his two creature roles, and he is."

The Wall of Water
"Steven Petrillo is very funny as the doctor's intended..."

A Chorus Line
"Petrillo delivers a diamond-edged portrayal of a no-nonsense theater workaholic."

Kiss Me, Kate
"Every member of the cast was outstanding, from the leads to Steven Petrillo as Bill Calhoun..."

Kiss Me, Kate
"...Steven Petrillo create[s] memorable characterizations..."

Jack Lee and Charles Kakatsakis' Musical Theatre Workshop
" it is, weeks later, and I'm still remembering Steven Petrillo's sensitive-but-not-weak Oscar in the 'I'm the Bravest Individual' scene..."