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*Moonlight & Love Songs
“Effectively staged, nicely acted..witty, sensitive, thought-provoking...” - Gayly Dramatic
"Director Steven Petrillo has assembled a wonderful cast and worked out each nuance of this incredible story.” – Adversity and Diversity
“Director Steven Petrillo keeps the play well-paced to keep the snorts and giggles coming fast and furious.” - NY
“Mr. Petrillo has staged this production with care and simplicity.” – Time Square Chronicle

*Life x3
“Steven Petrillo’s incisive direction used well chosen touches of mime, and a very nice piano counterpoint, to frame and provide a clearly defined viewpoint for the show. He allowed the cast to develop strong, believable characters, and let the comedy emerge naturally from the situation. This strong platform carried the show unflaggingly.” - CALLBOARD REVIEW

A Grand Night For Singing
"Steven Petrillo has staged the revue with romantic verve and stylish charm... the result is fresh and original."

Laughter on the 23rd Floor
“Outstanding direction by Steven Petrillo… superb actors, who crackled with energy and comic brilliance.”

"Steven Petrillo, director and choreographer, has staged Sessions with élan and impressively spotlights its most appealing ingredients....”

Certain Souls
"Powerfully directed by Steven Petrillo."

“Choreographing Rumors is no easy matter.  Petrillo does an excellent job; the action happens like greased lightning.” – ARTS

"A likable and energetic cast under Steven Petrillo's peppy direction."

Route 66
"The job of director/choreographer Steven Petrillo in this case is to come up with ways to stage 30 different numbers differently enough that the audience doesn’t get bored. He succeeds admirably."

Fiddler on the Roof
"Jerome Robbins' original choreography is reproduced with high fidelity by Steven Petrillo."